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Focus on Science, Not Technique, says Orthopedic Surgeon and Academic

Focus on Science, Not Technique, says Orthopedic Surgeon and Academic
Over the last five decades, the orthopedic career of Hendrik Delport, M.D., Ph.D. has evolved from surgeon to researcher to teacher to innovator. He says further advancement in total knee arthroscopy requires a change in surgeon performance, not in device design.

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Surgeon Insight: The Future of the Anterior Approach in Hip Replacement

DePuy Synthes announced the Anterior Advantage Matta Method in 1Q19. The namesake of the program, Joel Matta, M.D., is a surgeon at The Steadman Clinic, Co-founder and Chairman of the Anterior Hip Foundation and a pioneer of the anterior approach. He began using the anterior approach in the late '90s and has remained dedicated to the technique, noting that it results in tissue preservation and shorter recovery time. More than two decades later, he remains committed to teaching and advancing the anterior approach.

Foot and Ankle Implant Opportunities Lie in Design, Technique Improvements

The world of foot and ankle is vibrant and full of opportunity to solve real problems. Honesty in implant improvement must take place at the design stage. Foot and ankle has the trifecta of implants. Depending on the case, I need hardware, soft tissue reconstruction and a biologic enhancer. This is unique in orthopaedics, and the company that wins recognizes the problem to be solved in its totality and not just a piecemeal approach.