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Founded in 1992, ORTHOWORLD® is the only provider of strategic intelligence in the world solely focused on the global orthopaedic market. Its singular mission is helping orthopaedic companies and individuals improve their performance.

Highly specialized product offerings such as ORTHOWORLD Membership, ORTHOFLASH®, market reports, ORTHOPRENEUR®, BONEZONE® and OMTEC® empower industry participants to respond to challenges, maximize opportunities and more aggressively expand their orthopaedic businesses. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.


  • 4:30 p.m. Orthofix (OFIX) continues to work to complete procedures needed to file 2 delayed quarterly reports and amended restatements for prior periods, as well as its 2014 Form 10-K. OFIX will provide a written update to NASDAQ on or before 3/25/15. (Source: Orthofix International N.V.)
  • Cayenne Medical debuted its all-arthroscopic Quattro® Bolt Tenodesis Screw and the Short SureLockmini all-suture anchor for small bone indications. (Source: Cayenne Medical, Inc.)
  • Results of a retrospective cost effectiveness study documenting the potential economic benefit of Implanet's JAZZBand to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) revealed ~US $11,700 of incremental profit per AIS procedure using a JAZZ hybrid construct. (Source: Implanet)
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Worldwide Orthopaedic Market 2014-2020

In a time of heightened M&A activity, ORTHOWORLD announces the availability of its annually produced ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT®. The 200-page, comprehensive overview of the industry, complete with 2014 sales estimates and projections to 2020, is presented in 5 major market segments.