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Founded in 1992, ORTHOWORLD® is the only provider of strategic intelligence in the world solely focused on the global orthopaedic market. Its singular mission is helping orthopaedic companies and individuals improve their performance.

Highly specialized product offerings such as ORTHOWORLD Membership, ORTHOFLASH®, market reports, ORTHOPRENEUR®, BONEZONE® and OMTEC® empower industry participants to respond to challenges, maximize opportunities and more aggressively expand their orthopaedic businesses. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.


  • 4:30 p.m. SurGenTec was granted U.S. Patent No. 9,655,748, Bone Graft Delivery System and Method for Using Same, pertaining to the GRAFTGUN® device.
  • Anika Therapeutics enrolled the first patient in a supplemental Phase III trial evaluating CINGAL® viscosupplement for the treatment of knee OA symptoms.
  • SANUWAVE Health appointed LITHOMED to distribute the orthoPACE® shockwave therapy device in Taiwan.
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