Wright Medical Acquires BLUEPRINT Partner, IMASCAP

By Julie A. Vetalice

Wright Medical (WMGI) acquired IMASCAP for US $88.8MM in cash, stock and milestone payments. IMASCAP is the developer of Glenosys, the technology that drives BLUEPRINT™ 3D surgical planning software.

Glenosys supports simulation of shoulder implant positioning with CT imaging. BLUEPRINT Patient Specific Instrumentation was initially FDA 510(k)-cleared through under Tornier in 2Q15, ahead of its acquisition by Wright Medical later that year.

WMGI commenced staged rollout of BLUEPRINT in 1Q17, and leadership has cited it among revenue growth contributors in 2Q and 3Q. In the acquisition announcement, Bob Palmisano noted BLUEPRINT's potential application to enhance the company's current PROPHECY tool. Further, he noted that the IMASCAP pipeline has "breakthrough technologies" under development, and alluded to future inclusion of elements such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

PROPHECY pre-operative planning has been critical to our success in total ankle, evidenced by over 80% of INFINITY cases
using PROPHECY. We believe BLUEPRINT will be just as important to our shoulder business over the next several years
—Bob Palmisano, President & CEO, 3Q17 revenue call commentary

IMASCAP has logged no revenues and will have no impact on WMGI's full-year 2017 sales guidance of $740MM to $745MM.

Source: Wright Medical Group N.V.

Product Labels: Surgical Planning

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