RSIP Vision Launches Knee Segmentation AI Module

By Julie A. Vetalice

RSIP Vision Launches Knee Segmentation AI Module

RSIP Vision released a new artificial intelligence (AI) bone segmentation and landmark detection module that will improve pre-operative planning, intraoperative guidance and the post-operative patient experience in knee replacement surgery.

This widens the company's range of tools, joining its previous launches of technology for the shoulder and hip.

By leveraging RSIP Vision's novel AI module, accurate measurements are automatically collected from regular x-ray images only. The planning process is simplified, faster and more precise, allowing the surgeon to accurately plan knee implant positioning. This module will serve a much wider segment than the existing CT module, since most medical centers use x-ray for these procedures on a daily basis.

Ron Soferman, RSIP Vision founder and CEO, said, "This novel technology marks another milestone in RSIP Vision's revolutionary work to improve the lives of millions of people who undergo knee surgery every year. Our expertise in deep learning, image analysis and computer vision, combined with years of experience in the medical domain, has enabled us to develop a line of AI modules tailored to the orthopedics field.

By reducing the planning and surgery time and solving the main challenges of orthopedic procedures, RSIP Vision's innovative AI bone segmentation and landmark detection X-ray module provides a robust solution: it enhances the clinical capabilities of our clients, the large orthopedics vendors, allowing them to secure an improved patient outcome, a higher surgical success rate, and a shorter recovery time."

Product Labels: Knee Replacement, Surgical Planning

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