Osso VR Closes Series A Funding for VR-Based Surgical Training

By Julie A. Vetalice and wire services

Osso VR Closes Series A Funding for VR-Based Surgical Training

Osso VR raised $14 million in Series A funding to support its validated Virtual Reality (VR) surgical training platform. This brings their total raised to $16 million.

Osso VR surgical training headset

Osso VR surgical training headset

Osso VR’s platform is used by 20+ teaching hospitals and 11 medical device companies in 20 countries. It offers a high-quality level of visual fidelity for every aspect of surgery, from anatomical detail to the OR environment.

The Osso VR offering provides realistic, haptic-enhanced interactions in an immersive, repeatable training environment–an alternative to cadaver lab education. Individuals or teams wearing off-the-shelf gaming hardware, like Oculus, insert themselves into a virtual O.R. with all they need to perform a procedure. Users are scored after each training module based on mastery of steps, precision and efficiency.

Last month, the company launched a virtual reality training module for MicroPort Orthopedics' SuperPATH® Hip Technique and Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee System.

In a recent validation study, surgeons training with Osso VR showed a 230 percent improvement in overall surgical performance.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be on the forefront of healthcare innovation for many years now, and I’ve been witness to accelerating challenges around technical training for healthcare professionals,” said Bryan Sivak, board member and former CTO for the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. “The global pandemic has significantly exacerbated these challenges, and Osso VR has created a unique, specialized platform that can solve this problem at scale, providing a level of access and maintenance of quality for technical performance in healthcare that up until now had not been possible.”

The round was led by Kaiser Permanente Ventures, with participation from SignalFire, GSR, Scrum Ventures, Leslie Ventures and OCA Ventures.

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