Micro C Imaging: Conversations with Chief Medical Executives

By Carolyn LaWell

We expect that most of you have seen a C-arm at some point in your orthopaedic career; after all, they’re hard to miss. Startup company Micro C Imaging, on the other hand, is entering the fluoroscopy space by developing a hand-held x-ray and digital imaging device no larger or heavier than a digital camera.

The company caught our attention when it announced in February that it had increased its seed investment by $1 million, then bringing its funding to $2.2 million. Since that time, Micro C Imaging has increased this investment to $4 million to be applied to FDA compliance, production, marketing, sales and services.

At AAOS we sat down with Greg Kolovich, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, and Youssra Marjoua, M.D., International Medicine Chief. Both pursued hand fellowships and are accustomed to the challenges of maneuvering a large machine around a small extremity.

How did they condense a fluoroscopy machine down to such a small device? In short, the company patented a positioning technology that allows the sensor to move with the emitter. Furthermore, the company has leveraged new materials to manage the traditional obstacles of excess heat and heavy lead shielding. The specifications of Micro C include that it's hand-held and surgically ergonomic, sterilizable, emits less radiation than the industry standard and images are uploadable to patient-specific file applications.

Micro C Imaging expects FDA 510(k) clearance in December. Future plans include studies that demonstrate decreased radiation and time in the O.R., and launch into international markets, specifically developing countries where access to x-ray machines is limited. The company is working on an O.R. table that utilizes its technology for joint reconstruction, bone to bone fractures and other large anatomy.  —Carolyn LaWell

Product Labels: Surgical Navigation

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