Implanet Books First Orders Supporting Kico Knee and SeaSpine Partnerships

By Julie A. Vetalice

Implanet received its first orders from Kico Knee Innovation for Implanet's Madison knee implants and from SeaSpine for its JAZZ® Spine portfolio. The orders total €0.4MM, combined. (USD $0.5MM)

Implanet's agreement with Kico serves markets in Australia and the U.S. Once a threshold of 1,000 implants in a 12-month period is reached, Kico will gain exclusive rights to Madison implants in these countries, with a manufacturing license option.

The SeaSpine private label distribution agreement covers commercialization of Implanet's Jazz® range in the U.S. The initial six-year term includes contractual annual minimum payments and gives SeaSpine exclusive access to co-developed products utilizing Jazz technology.

Private label production of these products will commence shortly, with deliveries scheduled for 2019.

Sources: Implanet; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement, Spinal Fusion

Tags: Product Launch