Foresee-X Smart Surgical Glasses Gain CE Mark Approval

By Julie A. Vetalice

Foresee-X Smart Surgical Glasses Gain CE Mark Approval

Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology/SURGLASSES received approval under the CE Mark for Foresee-X Augmented Reality Smart Surgical Glasses.

The system allows for reduction in the use of external monitors during surgery, thereby minimizing radiation exposure. It also decreases the duration of a procedure, allowing for an increase in number of cases performed in a day.

Foresee-X can be used in trauma cases with a C-arm, ultrasound, endoscopes and other standard equipment. Two sets of glasses can be connected to one system, allowing a second first-person view as surgeons work simultaneously. Foresee-X is suitable for minimally invasive procedures.

Navigation systems for applications in spine and the shoulder are under development by SURGLASSES.

Earlier this month, Pixee Medical received CE Mark approval for Knee+, the first orthopedic navigation system to employ augmented reality (AR) for total knee replacement.

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