Ziptek Patent Update

By Julie A. Vetalice

Ziptek received a second patent (01/19/2019) on the ZipE® button, bringing the company’s total issued patents to 18 issued in six different countries.

Ziptek’s ZipE resorbable locking suture button has been implanted in over 40 arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs, some with over 10 months follow-up with exciting results and early clinical function. The device works like a zip-tie, obviating the need to make knots in small spaces, and is designed to disperse pressure across a large surface area and prevent the suture from tearing through tissue.

Additionally, the ZipE has been implanted for tissue repair in four different major joints with four separate Indications for Use: the shoulder rotator cuff repair and closure of subscapularis tendon to bone following total shoulder replacement, ankle for Achilles Haglund surgery, knee for medial collateral ligament repair and elbow for triceps avulsion.

Source: Ziptek LLC

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

Tags: Patent