Zimmer Natural Nail Launches in EMEA

By Julie A. Vetalice

Zimmer Natural Nail Launches in EMEA

Zimmer Natural Nail (ZNN) Bactiguard implants are now available in Germany, Spain, and the U.K., and will be made available to patients and surgeons in other select EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets over the summer.

“Less than two years from the start of our partnership, we are able to offer the ZNN Bactiguard implants to patients and surgeons in Europe. This is a major achievement by our joint development team. I am clearly excited and proud about our partnership with Zimmer Biomet and confident that it will lead to better outcomes and quality of life for patients,” says Cecilia Edström, CEO at Bactiguard.

In parallel with the launch, Zimmer Biomet is starting a post-market clinical study to collect additional evidence of the ZNN Bactiguard implants achieving reduced post-operative infection rates.

The Bactiguard technology offers an effective and long-lasting solution for improved infection prevention. The very thin Bactiguard noble metal alloy coating is attached to the surface of ZNN trauma implants. When in contact with fluids, the metals in the coating create a galvanic effect which reduces microbial adhesion. This means that less bacteria adhere to the device, which reduces the biofilm formation that can lead to infection.

The Bactiguard technology is clinically proven to reduce infection in other healthcare applications, including urinary catheters, central venous catheters and endotracheal tubes.

In September 2019, Bactiguard and Zimmer Biomet partnered to develop and launch orthopedic trauma implants with the Bactiguard technology for infection prevention, to prevent post-operative infections. European regulatory clearance for ZNN Bactiguard implants was obtained in January 2021 and the implants are now ready for launch in Europe and select EMEA markets.

Source: Bactiguard and Zimmer Biomet


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