Zimmer Biomet Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Oxford® Partial Knee System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Zimmer Biomet announced the 40th anniversary of the Oxford® Partial Knee, reportedly the most widely-used and clinically-proven partial knee replacement in the world.

Since its U.K. launch in 1976 by Biomet, the Oxford Partial Knee has been used in >600,000 surgeries across 50 countries and featured in more than 280 published clinical studies. The device received initial FDA Premarket Approval in 2004, with multiple updates since then. The company trains >1,500 surgeons globally on the system each year.

In 2012, Biomet announced a Lifetime Knee Implant Replacement warranty in the U.S. for the Oxford Partial Knee implanted with Signature™ technology. The warranty covers the cost of a replacement implant for patients who receive the device and require revision for any reason.

Zimmer acquired Biomet in 2Q15. The combined entity is now the second market leader overall, holding 15% of the industry’s total market share by ORTHOWORLD estimates. It claims the top spot in joint reconstruction, with 30% of that market. Stay informed on Zimmer Biomet's revenue and strategic moves with ORTHOWORLD's company profile.

Sources: Zimmer Biomet, ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement