Xtant Medical Launches Matriform Si for Spinal Fusion

By Mike Evers

Xtant Medical Launches Matriform Si for Spinal Fusion

Xtant Medical announced the U.S. commercial launch of the Matriform Si, a silicated synthetic bone graft substitute designed and cleared for spinal fusion. The Matriform Si Strip is resorbable, osteoconductive and has a cancellous bone-like structure. The product is prepared from Beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and porcine collagen, with an intended use of filling and bridging degenerative or traumatic bone defects.

Kevin Brandt, Xtant Medical's Chief Commercial Officer, said, "We are excited to launch Matriform Si in the U.S., which expands our biologics portfolio offering and increases our footprint in the U.S. orthopedic Bone Graft Substitute market. This innovative synthetic is an ultraporous, interconnected structure that is designed to enhance new bone formation and mechanical stability while preventing premature dissolution for spinal fusion procedures."

Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft, Spinal Fusion

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