Xtant Medical Awarded State Grants

By Julie A. Vetalice

Xtant Medical was awarded two grants totaling US $0.15MM from the Montana Department of Commerce to support growth at Bacterin's orthobiologic processing facility. Bacterin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xtant Medical.

The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund offered up to $90,000 to help with the purchase of additional processing equipment, while the Primary Workforce Training Grant awarded $65,000 directly to Bacterin in support of new jobs.

Past state support has included:

  • $0.2MM grant from the Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology (MBRCT) to support a novel regenerative medicine technology (2014)
  • $0.1MM grant from MBRCT develop next-gen demineralized bone matrix allografts (2015)

Furthermore, in 4Q15, Bacterin and the Montana State University Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering co-developed a 3D printer that can prototype custom, resorbable bone grafts for reconstructive procedures.

Sources: Xtant Medical Holdings, ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Tags: Funding