Xenco Medical Launches Glasses-Free Holographic Surgical Simulation

By Julie A. Vetalice

Xenco Medical unveiled HoloMedX, the first glasses-free holographic surgical simulation platform. The platform allows users to simulate an entire spine surgery in holographic space, without the need for any headgear or glasses. Integrated with a breakthrough Looking Glass light field display, the simulation platform instantly translates DICOM data such as CT and MRI scans into a detailed, interactive holographic reconstruction. The HoloMedX platform by Xenco Medical instantly adjusts the holographic scene to allow for glasses-free holographic viewing and interactivity by multiple users, simultaneously.

Featuring a library of holographic implants based on Xenco Medical’s actual spinal implants, the platform enables users to manipulate holographic anatomy and the holographic implants with air controllers modeled after Xenco Medical’s disposable surgical instruments, allowing for deeper engagement with the platform. A transformative step in patient engagement and surgical training, HoloMedX enables a rich dialogue between patients and their physicians. The glasses-free nature of HoloMedX allows groups of users to visualize and engage with the holographic anatomy simultaneously, allowing for collaboration without the barrier of headgear.

The holographic platform by Xenco Medical offers users the opportunity to visualize and interact with a patient’s spinal anatomy as a volumetric object, rather than a 2-dimensional data set. As an unprecedented educational tool for non-diagnostic use, HoloMedX affords users with an enhanced spatial experience of unique anatomy as well as the ways in which various Xenco Medical implants interact with each spine in holographic space. The holographic implant library in HoloMedX is based on Xenco Medical’s single-use spinal implant systems, the first polymer-based devices of their kind. Unlike the traditional metal systems that are reused in hundreds of patients until a mechanical failure, Xenco Medical’s single-use systems are perfectly calibrated and sterile-packaged for patient-specific use. HoloMedX is for non-diagnostic use only.

Source: Xenco Medical

Product Labels: Training Simulators

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