Vivorte Launches New Bone Graft Products

By Julie A. Vetalice

Vivorte launched FORTERA™ and REGENTO™ bone graft products, rounding out its offerings to provide a complete line of synthetic biomaterials.

FORTERA injectable synthetic calcium phosphate cement can be delivered through a 16-gauge cannula and is supplied in a sterile, single-use kit. REGENTO is a resorbable, particulate beta-tricalcium phosphate bone void filler with macroporosity engineered to support protein deposition and cell attachment. REGENTO granules are ready-to-use or may be combined with sterile physiological solution, autologous bone marrow aspirate or blood before implantation.

The products join TRABEXUS® EB, a self-setting osteoinductive calcium phosphate matrix. FDA 510(k)-cleared in early 2015, the bone void filler features partially demineralized hourglass-shaped allograft particles (TRABS) that increase interconnectivity with other particles and create channels to accelerate bone remodeling. TRABEXUS EB is resorbed as new bone forms.

FORTERA and REGENTO will be available at the Orthopaedic Trauma Association annual meeting later this month, in Canada.

Source: Vivorte, Inc.

Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft

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