VIVEX Biologics Launches VIAGENEX Family of Allografts

By Julie A. Vetalice

VIVEX Biologics Launches VIAGENEX Family of Allografts

VIVEX Biologics introduced the VIAGENEX™ family of amniotic allografts, processed to retain the mechanical properties of amniotic tissue and rich supply of extracellular matrix, growth factors and cytokines.

VIAGENEX offers a soft tissue barrier and wound covering in clinical settings such as shoulder, nerve, knee and tendon repair. The larger-sized amniotic allografts can also be used as a mechanical barrier in surgical applications, including spine and neurosurgery.

VIAGENEX is available in two forms to support clinical applications, both hydrating rapidly in place and with a 5-year shelf life:

  • VIAGENEX Matrix is an intact amniotic membrane at 400-500µm, with the full amnion, chorion, and intermediate spongy layer preserved.
  • VIAGENEX Max umbilical cord membrane is the thickest amniotic membrane available at 800-1,000µm and is robust enough to be sutured in place.

"The launch of VIAGENEX directly supports VIVEX's mission to improve patient care through the innovation of tissue and biologics-based therapies that are designed to support the healing and regenerative potential of the body," said Gail Farnan, General Manager of Amnion and Wound Care Therapies at VIVEX.

Product Labels: Bone Graft Materials/DBM

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