VirtaMed Debuts ArthroS Virtual Reality Ankle Arthroscopy Simulator

By Julie A. Vetalice

VirtaMed introduced Arthro's Ankle, reportedly the world’s first high-fidelity simulator for ankle arthroscopy. The system will launch in late 4Q17.

Ankle arthroscopy is not as common as knee, shoulder or hip arthroscopic procedures, so surgical experience is hard to acquire. The anatomy of the ankle is challenging as it is a tight space, and risk of cartilage or nerve damage is high. The ArthroS Ankle module allows surgeons to practice anterior and posterior access and replicate prone and supine positions. The joint can be manipulated in dorsiflexion and plantar flexion, and the model enables distraction.

The ArthroS simulator platform includes modules for knee, shoulder and hip, as well as the FAST basic skills training module offered through a partnership with Sawbones. ArthroS modules include haptic feedback, highly realistic graphics, different anatomies/pathologies and a customizable learning course for independent instruction.

Sources: VirtaMed; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Image courtesy of VirtaMed



Product Labels: Arthroscopy Equipment, Training Simulators

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