VIOMERSE Expands Spine Surgery Training Portfolio

By Julie A. Vetalice

VIOMERSE Expands Spine Surgery Training Portfolio

VIOMERSE (formerly Simulated Inanimate Models) is launching a fifth spinal surgery training platform. The company manufactures surgical education products that enable clinicians to practice procedures without risks to patient safety. VIOMERSE technologies create an immersive surgical experience using both realistic customized physical phantoms and augmented reality technology to facilitate remote proctoring.

The new thoracolumbar deformity phantom will allow surgeons to practice on a lifelike phantom that mimics the pathology seen in patients with conditions such as severe scoliosis.

VIOMERSE is reportedly the first to deliver an advanced training environment by linking the proctor to the student at different locations when performing procedures on the company's phantoms.

Steven Griffith, Chief Technology Officer for VIOMERSE, said, "The VIOMERSE Remote Training Platform gives both the student and the proctor 'first person' views of each other's surgical fields, with alternating control over the procedural workflow, including all aspects of medical imaging, as if they were standing in each other's shoes learning and experiencing the surgical procedure together."

"This new phantom creates a realistic surgical training scenario, providing surgeons a chance to practice the workflow and associated insertion of corrective devices that restore function in patients with severe coronal deformity," said Dr. Jonathan J. Stone, the company's founder and President. "There is no simulation trainer quite like it on the market, and we believe it will provide an exceptional training experience for physicians interested in learning this difficult procedure."


Product Labels: Augmented Reality, Training Simulators

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