Vexim Hits Milestone, 25,000 SpineJack Units Sold

By Julie A. Vetalice

In 4Q15, Vexim achieved the key milestone of 25,000 SpineJack® units sold since the market launch in 2011.

This follows a 3Q15 quarterly sales record of €3.6MM (~US $3.9MM), +44% from 3Q14.

Source: Vexim

SpineJack is designed to support anatomical restoration of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) caused by trauma. The range of sizes, from 4.2mm to 5.8mm, may be used to address 95% of all VCFs.

In 2Q15, the company announced 1-year results from a pilot feasibility study comparing VCF treatment with SpineJack to Medtronic's balloon. Results demonstrated that SpineJack was highly effective, resulting in greater/sustainable restoration of vertebral height, faster pain relief and shorter OR time.