Trice Medical Acquires Tenex Health

By Julie A. Vetalice

Trice Medical Acquires Tenex Health

Trice Medical acquired Tenex Health, a provider of minimally invasive ultrasonic technology for the treatment of chronic pain in soft tissue and bone.

Trice Medical provides imaging technology using a portable, tablet-based system, including mi-eye™ that combines a disposable needle camera with an ultrasound transducer (mi-ultra™). In 2019, the company acquired SegWAY Orthopedics, combining its disposable endoscopic carpal tunnel release system with mi-eye for use in the operating room, procedure room or in the office.

The addition of Tenex provides an alternative, minimally invasive treatment for tendonitis in the elbow, hip, knee, ankle and plantar fasciitis pain in the foot.

In 2019, Tenex introduced TX-Bone for the percutaneous removal of calcification, osteophytes and spur formations.

Mark Foster, CEO and President of Trice Medical, said, "Hospitals are driving many large joint and spine procedures into the surgery center. We believe there are several extremities procedures that can be driven further down the chain into the procedure rooms, without the need for the infrastructure, staff, and costs of the operating rooms."

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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