Titan Spine Secures CMS ICD-10 Code for Nanotextured Surface

By Julie A. Vetalice

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has created a new technology ICD-10 code for a nanotextured surface on an interbody fusion device. Titan Spine’s nanoLOCK™ surface technology has been given access to use this code, beginning 4Q16.

The code was approved based on information demonstrating the nanoLOCK surface to be a differentiated technology. Other technologies may be added to this code, but must first either demonstrate equivalence to nanoLOCK or demonstrate superiority to all other market alternatives through CMS' designated processes.

Titan Spine is preparing to launch next-generation nanoLOCK surface technology, which has been shown to create superior osteogenic and angiogenic environments vs. PEEK and the company’s own present offering. Titan Spine's Endoskeleton® devices all feature this proprietary implant surface technology, and all Endoskeleton devices are covered by Titan Spine's risk share warranty.

Sources: Titan Spine, ORTHOWORLD Inc.