TheraCell Announces Milestone Delivery of >12,000 of its Licensed Bone Grafts

By Julie A. Vetalice

TheraCell announced that over 12,000 of its novel demineralized bone fiber products have been delivered to date, primarily for use in spinal fusions.

TheraCell's next-generation production process allows for controlled geometry fibers with very high consistency and fiber yields, with cell-friendly nanotopography that allows fibers to generate a broad line of procedure-specific products, such as TheraCell Fiber Boats and TheraFuze DBF®, pictured below.

The company is launching a comprehensive portfolio of TheraFuze DBF graft products later this month, including the TheraFuze DBF Fiber Anchor™ for immediate enhanced screw fixation, particularly in compromised bone; TheraFuze DBF Fiber Bullets' for delivery through a cannula in minimally invasive surgery cases; the TheraFuze DBF Fiber Wrap™ for graft containment and a 3-level TheraFuze DBF Fiber Boat.

TheraCell TheraFuze DBF - ORTHOWORLD

Source: TheraCell, Inc.