Synergy Biomedical Launches BIOSPHERE MIS PUTTY

By Julie A. Vetalice

Synergy Biomedical received FDA 510(k) clearance and commenced full launch of BIOSPHERE® MIS PUTTY, comprising a pre-loaded bone graft cannula and trigger-based delivery system for open, mini-open and percutaneous minimally invasive procedures.

The system is available as a kit (with dispenser and putty-filled cannula) and in individual replacement cannulas to reload the delivery system.

BIOSPHERE bioactive glass-based bone graft putty has been marketed in the U.S. since 2013 and received CE Mark approval in 2017.

Sources: Synergy Biomedical, LLC; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

BioSphere MIS Bone Graft Delivery System ORTHOWORLD/ORTHOFLASH


Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft

Tags: 510(k) Clearance, Regulatory