Synergy Biomedical Launches BIOSPHERE MIS II Bone Graft Delivery

By Julie A. Vetalice

Synergy Biomedical Launches BIOSPHERE MIS II Bone Graft Delivery

Synergy Biomedical introduced BIOSPHERE® MIS II, a next-generation minimally invasive bone graft delivery system. Leveraging the success of its first-generation design, BIOSPHERE MIS II employs a pre-loaded bone graft cannula and a streamlined trigger-based system as a bone graft delivery tool that is optimized for the challenges of minimally invasive surgery.

BIOSPHERE MIS II permits strategic, controlled placement of Synergy’s BIOSPHERE® PUTTY synthetic bone graft in open, mini-open and percutaneous minimally invasive settings. It features a new hand-held dispenser, an upgraded trigger configuration and a graft delivery cannula, pre-loaded with BIOSPHERE PUTTY.

Design advances with BIOSPHERE MIS II include a new locking technology that provides audible and tactile confirmation for a secure locked connection between the cannula and dispenser. A low-profile system maximizes the surgeons’ view during graft delivery around implanted hardware and difficult to access anatomic locations. An enhanced trigger design provides surgeons with full control of BIOSPHERE PUTTY delivery volume and location. The BIOSPHERE MIS II system is a two-piece assembly specifically engineered to increase efficiency in the O.R.

BIOSPHERE MIS II PUTTY uses patented bioactive glass spheres that have been shown in vivo to result in faster and more robust bone formation. The product provides surgeons with a moldable bone graft material that has one of the highest bioactive glass contents on the market.

Source: Synergy Biomedical, LLC

Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft

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