Successful First-in-Human for OrthoSpin Robotic External Fixation

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoSpin announced successful completion of a first-in-human case with SmartStrut™, an external fixation system that uses a Taylor Spatial frame with smart automatic control of frame adjustments. The system is compatible with existing external fixation frames, and can be customized per patient needs.

Powered by a lightweight motor and control box mounted on the top of the hexapod circular fixation frame, the system automatically and continuously adjusts and lengthens struts according to a prescribed, pre-programmed treatment plan — obviating patient involvement.

Integrated software allows physicians to chart progress and adjust the regimen quickly, and a desktop or mobile interface allows real-time feedback. Other benefits include elimination of weekly status x-rays and a potential reduction in soft tissue damage, as the adjustments are small and incremental.

OrthoSpin will pursue regulatory submission within 2018.

Sources: OrthoSpin Ltd.

Product Labels: External Fixation

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