Study Results: ReLeaf Catheter Supports Cost-effective Post-op Pain Management

By Julie A. Vetalice

Preliminary study results indicate that the Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter improved pain scores and reduced post-op narcotic use following orthopaedic and spinal surgeries, and may support a transition to outpatient procedures.

The FDA 510(k)-cleared device delivers continuous, controlled local anesthetic to the surgical site via its proprietary “leaf catheter” format. It is uniquely designed to treat pain following spinal applications, offering directional delivery of a regulated flow of local anesthetic to the surgical site in close proximity to neural elements while draining excess fluids.

In addition to spinal procedures, the device has been used in >25 total knee arthroplasties since 4Q14.

As surgeons and hospitals shift to bundled payments and pay-for-performance based on outcomes, including patient satisfaction and length of stay, the Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter may help further facilitate the transition to outpatient orthopaedic and spinal procedures.

Source: Vital 5, LLC


These four surgeons think that outpatient procedures may be on the rise.

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