Study Results: Neo Medical Pedicle Screws Reduce O.R. Time and Costs

By Julie A. Vetalice

Study Results: Neo Medical Pedicle Screws Reduce O.R. Time and Costs

Study results indicate that Neo Medical's sterile packed disruptive controlled fixation NEO Pedicle Screw System™ can reduce O.R. time by up to 29% (23 minutes) and cost by €1,415 (USD $1,660) per treated case on average, in short construct surgeries.

The time and cost savings vs. reusable and re-sterilizable products is attributed to sterile packaging of instrumentation and screw kits, streamlined instruments and implants, and an optimized operative technique using modular embedded technologies.

Neo Medical's value-based care implant platforms are indented to improve the efficiency of the entire perioperative process, minimize risks for users and patients and lead to significant savings in overall operational costs.

The company has developed a universal surgical platform with five instruments and fourteen implants that cover most spine indications. Proprietary controlled fixation is designed to enable a more anatomically neutral, balanced and stable spine. Surgeons can limit stress overload on patients' spines, thus potentially reducing risks of screw loosening, hardware failure and eventually further reducing re-operation risks.

Vincent Lefauconnier, Neo Medical CEO, said, "This study is yet another proof point that a sterile platform with single-use modular instruments and universal implants significantly reduce the risk of contamination, corrosion, deterioration and damage. They avoid costs and resources in hospitals for handling, storage and reprocessing. They reduce the rate of O.R. cancelation and delay, and help to decrease surgical site infection and thereby reduce the need of further healthcare. For us, this is another testament that focusing on value-based care in spinal surgery is the only sustainable option today."

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