Study Results: Independent Femoral Head Wear Testing

By Julie A. Vetalice

Study results indicate that while polyethylene wear loss from two samples of ceramic heads was extremely small, mean wear associated with Amedica's MC2® silicon nitride heads was ~15% lower than a BIOLOX®delta sample.

The 5MM-cycle comparative hip simulator study examined wear of a highly-crosslinked, vitamin E stabilized polyethylene head (E1® from Zimmer Biomet) against ceramic femoral heads from CertamTec (BIOLOX delta) and Amedica (MC2). BIOLOX delta is the present "gold standard" for ceramic femoral head materials.

This is the first reported improvement in poly wear performance by a ceramic that is not BIOLOX delta, and is part of a planned test series that will reach 12MM cycles of wear. The data will be used in Amedica's continuing dialogue with FDA in support of silicon nitride femoral heads in clinical use.

Source: Amedica Corporation

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

Tags: Trial/Study