Study Results: Exactech Equinoxe Shoulder Among Lowest Published Fracture Rates

By Julie A. Vetalice

Study Results: Exactech Equinoxe Shoulder Among Lowest Published Fracture Rates

Studies indicate that Exactech’s Equinoxe® shoulder system demonstrated low acromial and scapular fracture rates after reverse total shoulder replacement.

This study of 4,125 shoulders, using a single medial glenoid/lateral humerus reverse total shoulder prosthesis design, is larger than the next three largest reverse total shoulder outcome studies combined, and shows that the acromial and scapular fracture rate associated with the Equinoxe platform is 1.5% (61 of 4,125 shoulders).

The study identified numerous pre- and intra-operative risk factors and demonstrated the impact on outcomes when these fracture patients are treated conservatively.

Chris Roche, Vice President of Exactech’s Extremities business unit and an author of this study, said, “Much of the published clinical research today features the experience of a single surgeon or site, and while valuable, that evidence is likely not generalizable or of significant scale to investigate rare occurrence events, like acromial and scapular fractures after rTSA [reverse total shoulder arthroplasty]. Our retrospective analysis of 4,125 rTSA shoulders features data from 23 different surgeons in the United States and Europe and reports the causes and risk factors associated with these rare fractures. We also found the three different fracture types may be associated with different demographic, comorbidity, and implant selection-related risk factors. This knowledge may be useful for orthopaedic surgeons to preoperatively identify patients at risk for this complication, which may help mitigate fracture occurrence.”

Exactech’s Equinoxe shoulder is available worldwide. Within 2020, the line has undergone transformation such as a transition to 3D laser printing for the stemless shoulder design, and a milestone first reverse total shoulder replacement with the VERASENSE® wireless humeral sensor.

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