Study Results: ConforMIS iTotal PS Total Knee

By Julie A. Vetalice

Study results suggest that ConforMIS' (CFMS) iTotal® PS yields knee motion patterns that more closely resemble those of a normal knee than those achieved with a traditional off-the-shelf implant. The results mirror those reported in 1Q16 with the iTotal CR model.

The single-center study, financially supported by CFMS, assessed kinematics in 13 patients with a ConforMIS iTotal PS implant and 18 with a Zimmer Biomet NexGen® PS total knee. At 6 months, those receiving the CFMS knee demonstrated greater average range of motion during a deep knee bend, as well as greater lateral femoral rollback, medial translation and greater axial rotation during a deep knee bend—consistent with normal knee motion.

CFMS' iTotal PS customized posterior stabilized total knee was fully launched in 1Q16.

Sources: ConforMIS, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.


Product Labels: Knee Replacement

Tags: Trial/Study