Study Results: Bioventus Placental Tissue Biologic Candidate

By Julie A. Vetalice and wire services

Study Results: Bioventus Placental Tissue Biologic Candidate

Studies demonstrate that Bioventus' PTP-001 human placental tissue, prepared as a particulate composition, was shown to contain an array of beneficial growth factors, cytokines and anti-inflammatory molecules which significantly reduced pain and cartilage degeneration in a rat osteoarthritis model.

In the model, PTP‐001 significantly reduced pain responses throughout six weeks post‐dosing vs. a saline treatment. The magnitude and duration of pain reduction following a single intra-articular treatment with PTP‐001 was comparable to that observed for animals treated with a corticosteroid. For rats that received two doses of PTP‐001, administered two weeks apart, significant reductions in cartilage degeneration scores were also observed.

“We believe that PTP‐001 represents a promising biologic candidate for osteoarthritis, with a multi‐modal potential mechanism of action that may contribute to symptom management and disease modification,” said Carl Flannery Senior Director, Scientific Affairs, Bioventus. “We will continue with further research and development of PTP‐001, as we believe it represents a novel approach for the treatment of OA, and potentially other musculoskeletal conditions with unmet clinical need.”

Product Labels: PRP/Cell-Based/Osteoinductive Materials

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