Stryker Launches New Tendon Fixation Device

By Julie A. Vetalice

Stryker Launches New Tendon Fixation Device

Stryker’s Trauma & Extremities division has launched its Citrelock™ Tendon Fixation Device System. Citrelock provides a differentiated design via a tendon thread featuring a resorbable technology, known as Citregen™, that has unique chemical and mechanical properties for orthopedic surgical applications.

Citrelock Tendon Fixation Device System offers:

  • A controlled and homogeneous resorption process that prevents bulk degradation and chronic inflammation.
  • Compressive strength that is comparable to cortical bone with a modulus comparable to cancellous bone.
  • Citregen contains citrate, calcium and phosphate molecules that are inherent to the bone anatomy.
  • Material polymer structure that mimics the extracellular matrix protein network.

Citregen maintains structural integrity during the healing phase, while the implant is replaced by host tissue over time.

Source: Stryker

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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