Stryker Launches Insignia Hip Stem

By Julie A. Vetalice

Stryker Launches Insignia Hip Stem

Stryker introduced the Insignia® Hip Stem, engineered to optimize patient fit and surgeon ease of implantation in muscle-sparing approaches for total hip and hemiarthroplasty procedures. Insignia is compatible with Mako SmartRobotics™ utilizing Total Hip 4.1 software, which allows surgeons to use data from a 3D CT-based plan to capture each patient's anatomy.

Utilizing Stryker's proprietary Orthopaedics Modeling and Analytics (SOMA) database, Stryker evaluated data from over 1,300 patient CT scans and worked to design a device that recreates patient biomechanics for total hip replacement replacement.

Insignia offers a Tri-Stage™ Broach featuring three different tooth geometries, as well as size-specific collar lengths and a range of femoral offsets designed to provide enhanced fit and function across a range of femoral morphology. Insignia's low profile shoulder, short stem lengths and distal relief are engineered for ease of lateralization and insertion during muscle-sparing approaches like direct anterior.

Source: Stryker

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

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