Stryker Launches F1 Small Bone Power System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Stryker Instruments launched the cordless, small footprint Stryker F1™ Small Bone Power System for use in extremities procedures.

F1 is designed to eliminate the cords, hand switches and consoles that typically lead to issues with maneuverability and the sterile field. It's powered by SmartGRIP™ technology, which features a lightweight balanced battery control module that can support the operation of three micro saws, a micro drill and a universal motor for inserting k-wires and drilling. Each SmartGRIP Control Module can remain on the shelf, unused, for 30 days without losing power and is insulated to increase resistance to thermal damage during sterilization.

Like System 8 Power Tools, launched one year ago, the F1 system will connect to the Smart Equipment Management online data module designed to optimize management of smart devices through device-derived, actionable data. F1 pairs exclusively with the Resurfacing Tool, a cutting accessory designed to reduce chatter and increase cut accuracy and cut speed vs. a 4.0mm fluted egg bur.

A non-anodized container with two tray inserts holds all system components and can be sterilized with the processing option that best meets a facility's needs.

Sources: Stryker; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Product Labels: Finger/Hand/Wrist Replacement, Ankle Replacement

Tags: Product Launch