Spineology Launches Duo Angled Instrumentation

By Julie A. Vetalice

Spineology introduced Duo™ Angled Instrumentation, a supplement to the Duo Lumbar Interbody Fusion system, to support access to the L4-L5 disc space when a high iliac crest prevents collinear access.

Duo combines PEEK, titanium and graft containment mesh elements. The implant, filled with bone after insertion, forms an endplate-conforming graft pack that expands up to 30mm to maximize load-sharing with up to  70% more surface area vs. a 22mm traditional lateral implant of the same length. Duo is designed to reduce subsidence, improve spinal correction maintenance and support robust fusion. By minimizing the neural and soft tissue retraction, Duo System can potentially reduce retraction-related neurologic deficits commonly associated with the lateral approach.
Spineology Duo Angled Instrumentation - ORTHOFLASH

Source: Spineology Inc.


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