Spineology Duo LIF Commercial and Postmarket Update

By Julie A. Vetalice

Spineology marked the milestone of >125 lateral interbody fusion cases successfully completed with the Duo™ Lumbar Interbody Fusion system.

Duo is reported to be the first implant to combine PEEK, titanium and graft containment mesh elements, as seen in part by the image below. This design is intended to minimize nerve and soft tissue disruption, thus reducing post-op pain and complications associated with the lateral approach to fusion.

Over 75 cases are complete in a a prospective, postmarket lateral interbody fusion study using Duo, early clinical results demonstrate a high level of improvement in VAS and ODI scores and a reduction in post-op complications commonly associated with the lateral approach, compared to the published literature. The study was launched in late 2017, with initial cases announced as complete in 1Q18.

Source: Spineology Inc.
Spineology Duo Interbody Fusion System - ORTHOFLASH

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