Spineart Conducts Ti-LIFE Animal Study

By Julie A. Vetalice

Spineart Conducts Ti-LIFE Animal Study

Spineart completed an in vivo study on sheep to evaluate its Ti-LIFE Technology under physiological conditions. At one spinal level, Ti-LIFE cages were implanted without bone graft or biological materials. At another spinal level, PEEK cages were implanted with morselized iliac crest autograft. The Ti-LIFE interbody cages displayed rapid and effective osteointegration after four weeks of implantation, vs. PEEK cages which exhibited no osteointegration.

CT and mCT scans showed no osteolysis around the Ti-LIFE cages, displaying bone growth within the trabecular structure of the cages. Bone bridges within the cage graft windows was also detected. Histological sections revealed osteogenesis through endochondral and lamellar ossification processes within the cage. In contrast, the PEEK cages exhibited peripheral osteolysis and no osteogenesis.

Ti-LIFE Technology is an enhanced algorithm for additive manufacturing of titanium cages resulting in structures with a bone-like matrix. Ti-LIFE structures have an average pore diameter and porosity similar to trabecular bone, which may enable cell colonization and promote bone ingrowth. Decreased cage density allows for optimal visualization on CT, X-ray and MRI.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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