Spine Wave Launches the Salvo 5.5/6.0mm Screw

By Julie A. Vetalice

Spine Wave Launches the Salvo 5.5/6.0mm Screw

Spine Wave launched the Salvo® 5.5/6.0mm Spine System featuring Spine Wave’s advanced modular screw design. Spine Wave launched the Salvo® 4.75mm Spine System during late 2020 to address cortical bone trajectory and low-profile transpedicular procedures. Now, the Salvo 5.5/6.0mm Spine System is available for procedures performed with 5.5mm and 6.0mm rods, which are the most often used for thoracolumbar spine fixation procedures. The Salvo Spine System, now available with 4.75mm, 5.5mm and 6.0mm titanium and cobalt chromium rods, will substantially strengthen Spine Wave’s position in the thoracolumbar fixation market and complement the company’s broad portfolio of innovative spine fusion technologies.

The Salvo 5.5/6.0mm Spine System addresses most thoracolumbar fixation procedures with an advanced modular screw design whereby the separate “tulip” and “shank” components of the screw can be assembled in-situ after surgical decompression or on the back table prior to implantation. This versatility can enhance visibility within the surgical field even with less invasive procedures. Surgeons appreciate the distinct audible and visual keys that make confirmation of proper screw assembly easy and reliable. The novel modular tensioned head prevents the tulip from “flopping,” which facilitates rod approximation into the screws.

Taken together, these features can make thoracolumbar fixation procedures easier, faster, and safer. Hospitals also appreciate Salvo Spine System’s modular design because it can provide a full complement of implant options with fewer cases and trays to process and keep on site, which may reduce their operating costs.

Source: Spine Wave

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