Spinal Elements to Acquire Benvenue Medical Assets

By Julie A. Vetalice

Spinal Elements to Acquire Benvenue Medical Assets

Spinal Elements is acquiring assets of Benvenue Medical, including the Luna® XD multi-expandable lumbar fusion device and the Orbit™ Articulating Discectomy System.

Spinal Elements also acquired Benvenue Medical’s manufacturing production equipment, and plans to relocate the operations to its own headquarters in Carlsbad, California. There, it will resume the manufacturing of the Luna device.

The company plans to integrate the assets and relaunch Luna and Orbit by 2Q21.

Benvenue recently introduced the next generation Luna XD system based on years of experience with a prior generation device. Luna XD allows an implant to be surgically delivered through a posterior minimally invasive surgical access point and to engage a large footprint previously achievable only via anterior lumbar interbody fusion or lateral lumbar interbody fusion approaches. The device expands in height up to 16mm.

The Orbit system comprises articulating and rotating discectomy instrumentation that uses a minimal posterior incision and/or MIS tubular approach to achieve efficient disruption and removal of disc tissue while preparing the end plates for fusion.

“The acquisition of these Benvenue assets marks another transformational MIS investment for Spinal Elements,” said Jason Blain, President and CEO of Spinal Elements. “We believe we have an exceptional opportunity to advance these novel Luna XD and Orbit technologies as part of our MIS Ultra platform of products and procedures...Luna XD and Orbit integrate well with our vision of delivering innovative and differentiated technologies that enable fundamental shifts in MIS spine surgery, including site of care in both hospital and ASC settings.”

Jason Blain further commented, “We are excited to get back into manufacturing and will be deploying a hybrid supply strategy, leveraging our manufacturing expertise to build a world-class operation while continuing to partner with external suppliers as well.”

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