Spinal Elements Debuts Katana Lateral Access System for Spinal Fusion

By Julie A. Vetalice

Spinal Elements is launching the Katana™ Lateral Access System. Katana and the Lucent Lateral interbody implant system will now provide access and implant support for a procedural solution for lateral interbody fusion.

Katana’s nested dilator and blade design allows the surgeon to gain lateral access in fewer steps and with only one pass by the lumbar plexus. The design is intended to improve access efficiency and outcomes by reducing the incidence of approach-related post-op complications.

Spinal Elements now offers complete minimally invasive procedural systems for lateral lumbar fusion and oblique lumbar fusion (OmegaLIF) procedures.
Spinal Elements Katana Lateral Access System - ORTHOWORLD

Source: Spinal Elements, Inc.

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