Sonex Launches UltraGuideTFR to Treat Trigger Finger

By Julie A. Vetalice

Sonex Launches UltraGuideTFR to Treat Trigger Finger

Sonex commenced full U.S. commercial launch of its UltraGuideTFR device, which is used with real-time ultrasound guidance to perform trigger finger release (TFR) procedures.

Real-time ultrasound guidance allows physicians to use a minimally invasive technique while performing TFR through a small incision, giving most patients the ability to resume activities within days versus weeks with traditional surgeries.

UltraGuideTFR is a single-use, hand-held device indicated for the treatment of trigger finger. The system is designed to incise the tendon sheath and A1 pulley through a single incision.

"The full launch of UltraGuideTFR enables us to offer more clinicians safe and effective ways to treat common painful upper extremity conditions using minimally invasive techniques," said Sonex Health CEO Bob Paulson. "Our devices, UltraGuideTFR and UltraGuideCTR to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, both harness the power of ultrasound, and were designed to deliver patient and clinician satisfaction by reducing invasiveness, cost, and recovery time."

Source: Sonex Health

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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