Smith+Nephew Partners for Remote Procedural Support

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith+Nephew Partners for Remote Procedural Support

Smith+Nephew is collaborating with Avail Medsystems to provide remote, real-time collaboration services to its customers, directly in the O.R. Smith+Nephew is the first orthopedic company to work with the Avail System and will bring remote collaboration services to facilities across its customer base.

By using Avail Procedural Telemedicine™, a remotely accessible console with a split-screen display, multiple remotely controllable HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and an ability to remotely annotate over live video, customers can access procedure support, proctoring and collaboration where space or other restrictions are a concern. Sales reps, medical education professionals and visiting surgeons who are not in the O.R. can still actively participate in a case.

The system does not replace a person in the O.R., but augments the procedure being performed in a way that previously was not possible. Avail has already begun placing their consoles, free of charge, in hospitals and ASCs nationwide and offers device companies a time-based subscription, usable at their discretion, to access consoles across the Avail network.

"We have been exploring options for remote access in hospitals and ASCs and have found that the Avail System checks many boxes for both Smith+Nephew and our customers," said Cindy Walker, Senior Vice President Global Medical Education for Smith+Nephew. "The ability to tap into the extensive facility network they are building and eliminating the need for Smith+Nephew, or our customers, to invest in capital is an important option for us."

"We're thrilled that Smith+Nephew is offering Avail's Procedural Telemedicine solution to complement their highly innovative products," said Daniel Hawkins, CEO Avail Medsystems. "When technology can help remove the historic requirement for physical presence in the operating room to collaborate during a procedure, clinical education and access to specialized medical expertise has no boundaries."

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Surgical Planning