Smith+Nephew Launches New JOURNEY II Unicompartmental Knee

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith+Nephew Launches New JOURNEY II Unicompartmental Knee

Smith+Nephew commenced launch of a new JOURNEY II Unicompartmental Knee (UK), now available in North America and Europe for partial knee applications.

JOURNEY II UK offers a patient-specific approach with a modular, two-tray configuration that may drive value and cost reduction in sterilization costs through a reduced O.R. footprint and instrumentation that can be customized to match a familiar surgical flow.

Using a lateral-specific tibia baseplate and an increased size range for femoral components and medial tibia baseplates, JOURNEY II UK allows for optimized bone coverage in the medial and lateral compartments.

JOURNEY II UK can be used with NAVIO™ Handheld Robotics and VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Instrumentation for a comprehensive approach to partial knee replacement.

"Our JOURNEY II Unicompartmental Knee System brings a much-needed solution to the partial knee space. Our customers want it because partial knees enable faster recovery and improved functionality, for their patients," said Skip Kiil, President of Orthopaedics at Smith+Nephew.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

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