Smith+Nephew Launches HEALICOIL KNOTLESS Suture Anchor

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith+Nephew Launches HEALICOIL KNOTLESS Suture Anchor

Smith+Nephew introduced the HEALICOIL™ KNOTLESS Suture Anchor for rotator cuff repair. Expanding the Advanced Healing Solutions portfolio, HEALICOIL includes the  REGENETEN™ Bioinductive Implant and novel REGENESORB™ material.

With reportedly the most open architecture design among leading competitors and with less foreign material entering the body, the repair site can be accessed by bone marrow and associated stem cells to support healing and better bone ingrowth.

The biocomposite REGENESORB material encourages the implant to be absorbed and replaced by bone within 24 months.

"We are fully committed to providing our customers with world-class, comprehensive procedural solutions that help not just fix their patients but truly heal them so they can get back to living life unlimited as quickly as possible," said Scott Schaffner, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Sports Medicine, Smith+Nephew. "The launch of HEALICOIL KNOTLESS as part of our Advanced Healing Solutions portfolio is further reinforcement of our commitment to redefine the body's healing potential."

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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