Smith+Nephew Adds Remote Therapy to ARIA Care Management

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith+Nephew Adds Remote Therapy to ARIA Care Management

Smith+Nephew has developed tele-physical therapy (PT) assets for its ARIA digital care management platform. The ARIA Home PT remote physical therapy module will launch in early 2021, with a telehealth module planned for later release.

Such modules will expand Smith+Nephew's suite of digital health offerings and underscore the company's continued investment in its Positive Connections program supporting Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) customers.

The ARIA platform and application is designed to connect the delivery of patient care with providers throughout the surgical and clinical episode. It is powered by Smith+Nephew's Real Intelligence digital ecosystem and Positive Connections ASC solutions program.

ARIA Home PT will feature an on-screen avatar "coach" and remote monitoring to guide patients through post-acute physical therapy at home, using 3D motion-capture technology to measure movement and rehabilitation metrics. These sessions occur in combination with live tele-visits with licensed physical therapists.

An online library of exercises is paired with personalized virtual visits with licensed physical therapists to promote preventive and rehabilitative care of common orthopaedic conditions such as knee osteoarthritis and rotator cuff tears.

"We have listened to our ASC customers, and their resounding message has been that the anticipated migration toward same-day surgery and a need for digital health solutions has been hastened in recent months," said Laura Rector, Vice President for Ambulatory Surgery Centers at Smith+Nephew. "Patients and providers are seeking new ways to provide healthcare remotely, and our tele-PT asset integrations into ARIA will help further facilitate the ongoing shift of site of care in orthopaedics – pre and post- operatively."

Launched in August 2020, ARIA is a connected care solution designed to make clinical staff more efficient and streamline care decisions.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement

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