Smith+Nephew 2-Year NOVOSTITCH Study

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith+Nephew 2-Year NOVOSTITCH Study

Two-year follow-up results from the STITCH Study for Smith+Nephew's NOVOSTITCH™ demonstrated a clinical success rate of 82.6% in meniscal repair.

The prospective clinical trial evaluated the effectiveness of Horizontal Cleavage Tear (HCT) repair. Of the 1.2 million tears that occur annually in the U.S., nearly 80% are treated by partial resection, which may put the patient at risk for adverse changes to the knee joint by leaving them open to osteoarthritis or total knee replacement later in life.

The study also demonstrated:

  • Statistically significant improvements in all Patient Reported Outcome Measures from baseline
  • Complete meniscal healing in 100% of patients undergoing needle arthroscopy at six months

NOVOSTITCH employs an all-inside, all-suture meniscus-to-meniscus circumferential compression stitch allowing repair of challenging meniscal tears.

"The STITCH Study represents a landmark achievement for Smith+Nephew by defining our commitment to drive the science behind meniscal repair and elevate the standard of care," said Scott Schaffner, SVP of Global Marketing and US Commercial, Sports Medicine at Smith+Nephew. "Our goal is to get surgeons to think repair first – not removal."

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