Smith & Nephew OXINIUM Technology: $296MM in Potential U.S. Health System Savings

By Julie A. Vetalice

Data on 90-day episode of care outcomes, collected using the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement model, suggest that if Smith & Nephew's OXINIUM™ Oxidized Zirconium alloy bearing surface was used in all U.S. primary hip procedures in 2020 (projected volume to be 498,000), it could yield ~$296MM in savings to the U.S. health system.

The data compared outcomes for OXINIUM to all other non-OXINIUM bearing surfaces for total hip replacement. Key takeaways included:

  • OXINIUM reduced post-acute average cost per 90-day episode of care by $595 as a result of lower use of Skilled Nursing Facilities, fewer related hospital readmissions and less time in inpatient rehab
  • Compared to patients implanted with other bearing surfaces, those implanted with OXINIUM demonstrated:
    • 12.7% lower rates of 90-day all cause readmissions
    • 15.9% lower rates of discharge to skilled nursing facilities
    • 11.9% lower average length of stay in SNFs1, and
    • 34.4% lower revision rate in the first 90 days

OXINIUM femoral heads launched in 2002 and have been implanted over 700,000 times worldwide, to date.

Source: Smith & Nephew

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

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