Smith+Nephew Launches OR30 Dual Mobility Hip

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith+Nephew OR3O Dual Mobility System

Smith+Nephew launched the OR3O™ Dual Mobility Hip in the U.S. for use in primary and revision hip replacement. OR30 is designed with a small-diameter femoral head that locks into a larger polyethylene insert to increase stability and improve range of motion.

OR3O employs the OXINIUM DH (Diffusion Hardened) bearing surface for its liner, as well as proprietary VERILAST™ Technology for its femoral head and polyethylene inserts. VERILAST combines OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium and highly cross-linked polyethylene to reduce the risk of ceramic type fracture, chipping or squeaking and yield less polyethylene wear debris compared to standard cobalt chrome heads.

OXINIUM DH, specifically for hip arthroplasty applications, is designed to increase the depth of hardening in a device through a patented technology process.

OR3O is compatible with the company's R3 and REDAPT acetabular systems, and per leadership, it will be Smith+Nephew's largest product launch ever.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

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