Smith & Nephew Launches CONQUEST FN Femoral Neck Fracture System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith & Nephew (SNN) launched CONQUEST FN™, an implant to treat femoral neck fractures and promote bone preservation.

CONQUEST FN is designed to address challenges that can lead to complication rates as high as 69% in femoral neck cases. To alleviate inadequate fixation, SNN collaborated with FxDevices, developer of the POGO® telescoping compression screw that supports post-op continuous fracture compression. Coupled with a proximal femoral locking plate, the system offers an additional level of dynamic locking fixation.

SNN is the first company to utilize POGO, which received initial FDA 510(k) clearance in 2008.


Source: Smith & Nephew plc


Product Labels: Lower Extremity

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