Smith+Nephew Acquiring Optical Tracking Technology for CAS

By Julie A. Vetalice

Smith & Nephew (SNN) agreed to acquire Atracsys, a Switzerland-based provider of optical tracking technology that is used in computer-assisted surgery. The transaction is slated to complete in 3Q19.

Atracsys’ fusionTrack 500 optical tracking camera will be a core enabling technology within SNN's interconnected system of digital surgery and robotic assets, with its first use in the next-generation robotics platform (based on Brainlab’s Cirq) due for commercial release in 2020. This next-gen system is expected to be faster and smaller than the present version of NAVIO, and future options could expand to incorporate augmented reality, standalone robotic arms and machine learning technologies.

fusionTrack's measurement speed and latency performance can support reduced procedure times and levels of accuracy that result in fine-precision in surgical tasks, such as bone cuts. Atracsys’ portfolio includes open platform optical navigation and robotic tracking components with applications in orthopedics, neurosurgery, spine and dental; SNN plans for the business to continue serving these markets.

Update: Smith & Nephew closed this transaction on July 1.

Source: Smith & Nephew plc

Product Labels: Arthroscopy Equipment

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